It takes a very special coffee bean to become a Ronnoco coffee bean. Our green coffee buyer has over 25 years of experience, and is highly selective when it comes to quality. We select our coffee by sampling beans from coffee-growing countries around the world – from mountains of Brazil and Colombia in South America, to Ethiopia in Africa, to Costa Rica and Honduras in Central America (to name a few). Our buyer knows the farms, the soil, and the sun – we know how cloud cover or rainfall one year can impact the next year’s harvest, and know how this will impact your morning cup of coffee.

Ronnoco Coffees are made from 100% Arabica beans – the best coffee beans on the planet. Grown at higher elevations, Arabica beans need a lot of love – they require more moisture, rich soil, shade and sun than the Robusta beans found in our competitor's coffees. We think it’s worth all the work – Arabica beans have a gentle sweetness about them, and a soft mouth feel that you just don’t get with other beans. They have fruity, zesty flavors – with tones of sugar and berries. And their acidity is higher than Robusta coffees, which gives them that “winey” taste that coffee drinkers love.

Our beans are sampled no fewer than three times in a blind taste test by our Master Cupper, Robert Carpenter. Robert learned the ancient art of cupping from his father, who was also a Master Cupper and the former President of Ronnoco Importing. Robert’s palate is so particular, that he rejects between 20-30 percent of all ambitious beans – beans trying to become the next Ronnoco coffee bean.