How Coffee Helps Your Relationship

How Coffee Helps Your Relationship

The benefits of coffee are numerous, well-documented and supported by research. Coffee may be the most ubiquitous beverage in America, and it’s not just because it tastes amazing and it provides a valuable energy jolt; it’s also good for you. But how do the benefits of coffee relate to your relationships? What is it about coffee that keeps both your work life and your personal life on track?

Coffee: The Dependable Date Excuse

No matter what needs sorting out in your relationship—romance, bills, vacation planning or just a casual date—coffee can help, easily lending itself to any kind of conversation. How? It’s everywhere and it’s affordable. While going out to dinner can often feel like a lot of hard work (for your schedule, energy-level or your wallet), coffee is simple and accessible. A trip to the café may very well provide the best bang for your relationship buck. An added benefit is that your conversation, fueled by caffeine rather than alcohol, will be truthful without being too forthcoming. New research suggests that coffee also may actually protect the liver from the effects of alcohol.

The Happiness Factor

Coffee makes people happy, which also happens to be perhaps the most essential ingredient in relationships. The primary reason? Psychology—people’s associations with coffee and cafés are overwhelmingly positive. Asking your date to coffee provides an excellent chance that he or she will attribute those positive feelings to you. In fact, a 2008 study found that holding a warm cup of coffee actually translated into feeling warmer toward strangers—the subjects found them more welcoming and trustworthy. With this in mind, coffee could be the key to helping a romance get off the ground—or, if it already is—to helping it stay afloat.


It’s well known that one of coffee’s greatest assets is caffeine, a stimulant that gets the heart pumping—just like love! Caffeine may make all the difference in whether your significant other finds you boring or exciting; not only will a caffeinated lover find your conversation more compelling, she might also find herself more persuaded by your charm than otherwise, simply because the caffeine in her drink is making her more attentive. And, potentially, making you more attractive—according to a famous 1974 study popularly referred to as “The Misattribution of Arousal,” stimulation causing excitement is often misinterpreted as being attracted to those around us.

Natural Aphrodisiac

As a 2005 study has shown, coffee (specifically caffeine) can have a positive effect on the female sex drive. Again, coffee is a clear winner over alcohol when it comes to relationship health.

Coffee—health food, natural aphrodisiac, relationship booster. It’s everything a couple needs!

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