Global Specialty Coffee Expo Recap

For 6 days in April this year, Seattle was overtaken with specialty coffee experts (and future coffee aficionados!) from around the globe, as part of the “Global Specialty Coffee Expo.” It was a historic event this year, as the world’s two leading specialty coffee associations merged for the first time—the Specialty Coffee Association of America and the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe— to form the new Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).

The Global Specialty Coffee Expo drew over 13,500 participants—visitors, coffee enthusiasts and Food and Beverage professionals to attend classes, view the industry's most innovative and cutting-edge coffee products, and learn about specialty coffee trends. People learned the art of cupping, brewing or roasting in various educational programs held during the Expo, as well as visited a number of coffee and product booths on the Expo floor.

There were 5 “educational pathways” available for participants:

  • Brewing
  • Barista
  • Roasting
  • Sensory
  • Green Coffee Buying/ Grading

Ronnoco’s Specialty Coffee Consultant, Dan Pabst, had a special role at the Expo. He is only one of 35 authorized SCA trainers in North America who has received his IDP from the SCA, and holds his Barista Guild Level 2 training license.

Dan was a lead instructor at Expo for the Brewing Pathways curriculum, and is one of the top instructors worldwide in the coffee industry—­based on student feedback and peer review. As part of the Brewing Pathways Committee, he taught 2 sections of Brewing Fundamentals and Principals Applied, which allows students to understand the science behind coffee brewing. In the words of one student, “I’ve been going to Expo for over 10 years, and Dan was the best instructor I’ve ever had!”

Dan’s home brewing choices have recently been winnowed from 20 to 10 coffee brewers, as he looks to de-clutter his home. None are automatic, and none make espresso. He tends to brew coffee with the one that is both clean and fast, but for busy weekday mornings, his coffee brewer of choice is the Clever Coffee Dripper—using hand-ground beans, and brewed by the cup.

For information on next year’s Global Specialty Coffee Expo, April 19-23, 2018 in Seattle, visit