Coffee On the Job

Which type of worker drinks the most coffee?

And The Winner Is…

The truth is, we all drink coffee, and we all probably think our chosen field drinks more than any other. But according to a recent survey of 10,000 professionals conducted by Pressat, a British media blog, the award for biggest coffee guzzlers goes to journalists, who endure late nights at the office, hunched over their keyboards, trying to beat an imminent deadline. Some media types are known to down upwards of four cups of coffee per day.

Following right behind journalists are two other groups with high-stress jobs, teachers and police officers. The remaining seven, in order, are:

Plumbers and trade workers

Nurses and medical staff

Company executives


IT technical support

Retail staff


Of those professionals surveyed, 85% claimed to drink at least three cups of coffee per day, and almost 70% said their work would suffer if they didn’t have their daily cup of coffee in hand—or cups, plural, as the results also showed that Americans drink at least three cups a day.

It can truly be said that today’s workforce runs on coffee!

Speaking of Productivity…

While the media leads the pack in terms of consumption, this doesn’t necessarily mean they need it the most. So which professions actually claim that a lack of coffee would compromise their work? A 2010 survey set out to answer this very question, and the results were not surprising—the top two spots went to medical professionals—nurses and physicians, respectively—whose decisions and actions can literally mean the difference between life and death. When the stakes are higher, coffee is clearly seen not just as a helpful energy boost, but a crucial factor in maintaining absolute focus. The survey, moreover, broke results down geographically—workers in the Northeast are most dependent on coffee, followed by the South and Midwest—and by age, with the younger 18-to-24 demographic most in need of a caffeine fix.